Home Maintenance Tips


Downspout allowing water to pool around foundation

 Most of the water and moisture entering your basement can be controlled simply by following a few simple home maintenance tips. First, make sure all of your gutters and downspouts are clear and operating correctly. Clean your gutters at least once per year and remove any leaves or other debris that may be causing water to over flow the gutters and pool along your foundation. Second, if you have under ground drain lines connected to your downspouts, make sure the downspouts are connected to the underground drain line. Over time, the downspout may become disconnected or separated from the drain line due to settling. If you do not have underground drain lines for your downspouts, make sure your downspouts have at least a six foot extension at the bottom of the downspout pointing away from the house. Finally, walk around your home and make sure you have a proper grade away from your foundation. If the soil around your foundation is flat or has a negative slope towards your house, this will cause water to pool next to the foundation and eventually drain down into your basement. A general rule of thumb is to have at least a 3″ slope downward away from the foundation and three feet away from your home. The slope should drop 1″ for every foot away from the house. Water will take the path of least resistance so creating a natural runoff will keep the water away from your foundation.


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